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土田 Shin Tsuchida (シン・ツチダ)

土田 Shin Tsuchida (シン・ツチダ)


土田酒造的 ”新。土田” 被日本Saketimes 網站選為2020年最佳清酒!


是次選舉Saketimes 在Twitter從大約250支清酒收集網民意見而得來的結果。


Shin Tsuchida 新.土田 完全無添加 – 最能代表土田的作品 - 群馬縣產食用米高精美步合90% 配搭土田一貫的完全無添加的生酛釀造, 帶出實實在在的天然的旨味和複雜突出的酸度, 淨飲已不錯喝, 也可嘗試醒酒分開幾天甚至1-2周品飲以欣賞其酒體和旨味的華麗變化


The sake that represents Tsuchida brewery! – In addition to the gentle aroma of cream and sour scent of lactic acid, a plump aromas of cooked-rice lingers. A pleasant smoothness and elegant umami envelopses the tastebuds, which is followed by rich acidity that creats a very comfortable crisp finish.


Brewery also recommend you store the sake at room temperature and enjoy the change of flavors overtime.

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