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栗駒山 純米吟醸四割五分

栗駒山 純米吟醸四割五分


15度 –純米吟醸的特點是清爽爽口,此酒含有別緻的蘋果及桃味,香氣十足,加上無雜質透明感的純米吟釀,精磨至45%的精米,喝在口中感覺非常像而今,酒體平衡,餘韻悠長 ,推薦配合海鮮飲用,是嗅覺和味覺的享受,讓人百喝不厭,店長十分推薦


Best of the brewery, rich green apple, ripe melon and pear aroma on nose, very smooth and clean on palette , mellow, very well balanced  with long lingering finish. Would go very well with most dishes if not spicy.

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