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梅美人 鷹雄

梅美人 鷹雄


鷹雄 - 梅美人酒造最高峰的作品 - 全手工製作,使用酒米王 - 山田錦,精磨至剩下40%的精米,使用附近出名的山泉水-觀音水釀造,不加水稀釋,用最奢侈的袋吊方法通過重力讓酒緩緩滴下的方法取酒,每一滴都異常珍貴。充滿果香之餘 酒體非常順滑清爽 餘韻悠長 - 適合海鮮 肉類 和中國料理






The most signature sake of Umebijin Brewery, all handmade, using king of sake rice Yamada Nishiki, fine polish of rice grains to only 40%.


The sake brewed using Guanyin water, the nearby famous mountain spring water in the region. This sake is using the most deluxe bag-drip method by using gravity to let the sake slowly drip to achieve a very elegant and well rounded sake, every drop is extremely precious.


The sake is very smooth and refreshing, full of fruity aroma and with a long after taste, extremely suitable for seafood, me

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